KTV Kapala Mire


“Stinking wretched place, from what once was a calm lake now putrid gases emanate, gases which are collected to fuel our Holy Imperial Death Machines.”

Hey, been a while since Naxos, hope y’all are having a good time, because this time around, it is 1v1 time!

I have advanced quite a bit on my knowledge of the Essence Engine, same with important things like map spacing, and manage distances, as such Kapala is a step beyond Naxos on many, many areas.

Still, there are a couple features which I think will be changed, yet I would very much prefer to hear feedback from you all about which things you would like to see changed, I have my own ideas about possible issues with the map’s layout, but I want those ideas confirmed independently.

Kapala Mire is a rather standard-ish map for DoW3, this is done in order to pin point any possible problems with level design, the size of it was a concern, as balance on Dawn Of War 3 is still in a strong phase of development, and making a 1v1 which is highly divergent from the rest of the map pool could lead to issues down the line for Kapala.

All of this said, I have learned many lessons from working on it, and I’m already looking forward to creating new and less orthodox Dawn Of War 3 maps.

Map Information

Map Size: 384×384
Number of Resource Points: 11
Game Modes: Annihilation, Annihilation with Turrets, Power Core
Players Supported:1v1

Quick Links

Steam: (1v1) KTV Kapala Mire
Steam: (2v2) KTV Kapala Mire

Changelog of the map

V 1.00
♦ Published!

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