KTV Keres Passage


The Karaburan is the jewel ship of Moebius Corps, as a standard tactic and in order to strike without warning The Karaburan travels at high speeds and dangerously low altitudes across valleys and canyons to avoid enemy detection.

Keres Passage as a Level Design concept is not a map type which tends to be seen very much on SC2, it is a precarious balance between tight passages and sheer openness, all of this in order to give players strong tactical and strategical decisions about which style of play they prefer to play on, players can choose to swarm their opponent by taking the Gold bases and gaining an edge on the Mineral Income side of things to flood their opponent with rather cheap Mineral heavy armies, or they might prefer to play a more positional, efficient and gas heavy mix by expanding south where the terrain is more favorable to positional armies. On Karaburan’s deck it is the commanders and cerebrates who decide their fates.

Karaburan’s aesthetics like oh so many of my maps, is a theme which for years I have had a craving for, to battle on the deck of an actual moving ship is one of those gut environments which traps the minds and guts of everybody at a deep level, but nailing the theme is always hard, and as such it took a long time of development to arrive at a nice aesthetic with a nice background history which I could feel proud about.

As I spoke about, the overarching strategy embed on the design of the map allows for a considerable strategical variety, something which is always hard to nail, specially so on multiplayer strategy games, because of good ol’ Metagame development, and the fact that players just love to exploit every little bit of any map in order to get the cheapest wins possible.

That said, regarding balance, I’m very happy to have arrived at which I consider a rock solid baseline, specially so for such an strategically complex layout, and I’m happy to say that TeamLiquid Map Contest Judges and Progamers alike agree, so much so to make Keres Passage a TLMC#8 Finalist!

Pro-Games Played on the Map

For the first game skip to 1:20:00

Map Information

Map Size: 146×148
Rush Distance: 208
Nat to Nat: 150
Xel’naga Towers: 2, 1 central Xel’naga tower and 1 bottom spotting tower.
Limited attack paths: Attack paths on the map are skewed towards the edges, limiting ground armies aggression capabilities.
Top Right Golds: Top Right quarter of the map has 4 gold bases, two of which lack a vespene geyser, map has been set up in order to allow for different playstyles, mineral heavy, or resource balanced.
Entire map is a moving spaceship: What else do you need?

Quick Links

TL Thread: No Thread Yet Made.
Reddit Thread: No Thread Yet Made.

Changelog of the map

V 1.10
♦ Several architectural changes to improve map spacing and army movement.
♦ Changed central passage design in order to improve map spacing.
♦ Changed central high grounds and ramps near central Xel’naga to improve openness of top right area of the map.
♦ Slightly reduced size of Main bases.
♦ Improved unit pathing over the center of the map.
♦ Slightly changed and opened up area in front of Natural base in order to improve defensive positions from attacks coming from bottom passage.
♦ Added destructible rocks to the 9 and 6 bottom bases to improve the area openness on lategame scenarios.

V 1.00
♦ Published!
♦ Submitted to TLMC#8!

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