KTV Loihi

Kantu Loihi 0.02.10 0001
KTV Loihi probably is out there among the most fun and exasperation I have had while making a map, getting all the map features and ideas to weld on a single clean package was quite the challenge. Loihi not only showcases features like a backdoor half base covered by a Mineral wall, but said Mineral wall can be crushed 4k HP destructible rocks. The map boasts 4 central gold bases which lie behind 7khp rocks at just the right distance for them to snugly fit into the layout, central semi-island bases & semi-island bases which are covered by Mineral walls.

At its core Loihi it is what would normally be called a “macro map”, but because of the way all its features intersect, it is actually hard to decisively throw it into said category, as such, the map enters a limbo of categorizations, with only one thing clear, the map is not what would be called “standard”.

The central Loihi gold bases, are there to attract players into the center, and avoid them slithering their way into excessive comfyness, Loihi takes many features and ideas from BW, and applies them into the new LotV economy, allowing players to not only take bases with relative ease, but allowing them to secure said lategame bases from strong ground army detachments, which has been a rather big issue with the the LotV economy and past map design frameworks and doctrines.

Map Information

Map Size: 158×160
Main to Main Distance Horizontal Spawns: 44 Seconds
Nat to Nat Distance Horizontal Spawns: 34 Seconds
Main to Main Distance Vertical Spawns: 45 Seconds
Nat to Nat Distance Vertical Spawns: 35 Seconds
Main to Main Distance Cross Spawns: 50 Seconds
Nat to Nat Distance Cross Spawns: 42 Seconds
Xel’naga Towers: None.
Destructible Rocks Information: Rocks on the Natural bases, and rocks protecting 12 and 6 O-Clock Semi-Island bases have had their HP and Armor Modified to 1000 HP and 1 Armor. Rocks Spawn from Collapsible Towers have had their HP increased to 4000 HP. Central Diagonal Rocks have had their HP modified to 7000 HP.
Mineral Walls: Mineral Patches which act like Mineral Walls have 51 Minerals each.

Quick Links

TL Thread: No Thread Yet Made.
Reddit Thread: No Thread Yet Made.

Changelog of the map

V 1.00
♦ Published!
♦ Submitted to TLMC#8!

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