KTV Vasari District

Vasari is a very striking map, because of its use of symmetry it has a very distinct form and layout, which at first might not even look playable for SC2, yet because of many details here and there, Vasari can be quite the fun map to play on.

The most curious map feature is naturally the way the Natural bases are set up, because of the way the many new features in LotV maps with a Open-ish or even straight out open Natural are not instantly discarded, and this allows a considerable amount of new Layouts and ideas to flourish, one of them being Vasari itself. A Natural wall-off at the ramp might seem rough, and it is, after all such a wall would block attacks to two bases at the same time, but it is well balanced for the reward.

The fact of the ramp being “Well balanced for the reward” does still not mean that some kind of early game aggression might skew certain MU’s a bit too much for my liking, specially when taking into account Metagame development, but those things are minor when compared to that the Metagame development basically always favors later Timings instead of early game aggression.

Sadly there are things that can’t really be accounted for, specially with 4 player maps, in ZvZ Vasari does not produce the most stable of MU’s, ZvZ in general has always been be very explosive, and in LotV even more so, now if you throw 4 player maps into the mix, and a queer Natural like Vasari’s then you run into issues. Yet ZvZ as LotV progresses has become more stable, and with the heavy Metagame developments a map like this can generate I trust that ZvZ will be a good MU to play Vasari on.

Now going forward into the Choke Point bases, they are not something that has been seen before in the WCS Pool, such bases are hardly explored, mostly because of the way SC2 economy works in general, such bases when used as fourths basically will only increase the strength of the “3 base cap” that such strongly strangled WoL and HotS, but with some small tweaks LotV tries to bypass such big problems, and because of said changes such bases can be “easily” introduced to SC2 maps now.

Map Information

Map Size: 160×160
Rush Distance Close Spawns: 178
Nat to Nat Distance Close Spawns: ~160 (Average)
Rush Distance Far Spawns: 240
Nat to Nat Distance Far Spawns: ~210 (Average)
Xel’naga Towers: 2
Natural Choke Point: It can be walled off with 4 3×3 buildings.
Single Choke Bases: 12, 3, 6 & 9 bases can be easily walled off with a single 2×2 building.
Central Bridges: They are buildable and units can burrow in them (Just don’t get caught in a fight on top of them, they are nasty chokepoints!).

Quick Links

TL Thread: No Thread Yet Made.
Reddit Thread:  No Thread Yet Made.

Changelog of the map

V 1.00
♦ Published!
♦ Submitted to TLMC#7!

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