KTV Eris

KTV Eris 0.00.36 70º

Eris alongside Dulcimer showcase the ideas I have been trying to materialize. Using mirrored symmetry alongside rotational one can get some pretty impressive looking maps all the while keeping a mild grip on the general balance of them.

The specific ideas of Eris have background on older maps, one of them being the TLMC#3 Finalist Shrieking Breeze by Gfire, that map besides being one of my favorite SC2 ones is a very complex mix of controlled attack pathways mixed what what now I call Stagnation Points and the double ramp into the main base design, and even when the map itself had his own issues it settled a new way to look at map design for me.

Eris showcases a myriad of different ideas and concepts to try and create a map that allows for a open natural design in a otherwise mirrored symmetric map all the while keeping the secondary entrance to the Main base which is a staple of the Shrieking Breeze design. Eris is an aggressive map, yet, it is fairly easy for games between two matched players to go longer and showcase the entirety of the map, this is mostly caused by the otherwise standard base flow and base distance on a layout that promotes control of the side-paths of the map.

The map’s aesthetics are based on ideals of the Greek goddess, and once again come not from historic or StarCraft themed landscapes but from dream like scenarios.

Map Information

Map Size: 152×152
Rush Distance: 210
Nat to Nat Distance: 155
Xel’naga Towers: 0
Main Base WallOff: 2 Options; 1 Gate+Pylon and Zealot or 2 Gates+Zealot at ramp.
Natural Base WallOff: 2 Gateways and 1 Pylon are necessary too Walloff from ramp to Nexus.

Quick Links

TL Thread: Not Yet Published.
Reddit Thread: Not Yet Published.

Changelog of the map

V 1.10
♦ Removed Backdoor Rocks, and instead added a Mineral Patch with 25 Minerals.

V 1.00
♦ Published.

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